Benefits of the Audi “Quattro” permanent all-wheel drive system

Published: 16th May 2011
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Audi AG has been very popular due to its provision performance vehicles in the market right now. These vehicles also became popular due to its capability to provide its owners and drivers with very impressive driving experience. These characteristics of Audi vehicles were mainly due to the extensive car research conducted by Audi engineers and researchers to provide its customers with the best cars.

One of the most significant technologies discovered and used by Audi right now is the "Quattro" permanent all-wheel drive system. This system has constantly been subjected to further revisions and improvements for almost 30 years now. As a result, the Quattro offers several benefits such as the following.

1. Provides greater vehicle safety provide

One of the most important benefits that the Audi Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system is its capability to provide greater safety to its driver as well as the other car occupants most especially when driving over icy and slippery roads. The primary reason for this safety is the Quattro’s ability to distribute the power of the engine on all of the car’s wheels and provide greater force to a tire that needs greater power.

Due to this, Audi cars can travel on snow-covered roads with utmost ease. The Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system also increases the vehicle’s traction on the road which according to most car advice is very important to ensure safety and comfortable driving.

2. Boosts vehicle performance

Aside from providing greater safety, the Quattro also boosts the vehicle’s performance by acting as a mechanical system that directs the vehicle’s torque distribution. The Quattro was good in boosting the car’s overall performance to the point that its use was banned in car racing events due to the allegation that this serves as an "unfair advantage".

3. Boosts Audi driver’s confidence

The Audi Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system also boosts the driver’s self-confidence when driving by providing greater safety and stunning engine performance. Due to this, the driver is able to drive an Audi vehicle with utmost comfort without having to fear that accident might happen due to the road condition or probably due to vehicle stalls.

These impressive features provided by the Audi Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system also increased the prices of these vehicles. Due to this, car buyers that rely on different auto loans to purchase their cars would be having a hard time coping with the premiums involved.

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